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Imo Climate Agreement

“This week, IMO has not made any progress in its own climate strategy. IMO`s Greenhouse Gas Working Group has proposed a policy that, as we have written, will allow the shipping industry to further increase climate emissions for the rest of this decade – exactly the decade that climate science tells us we need to reverse absolute emissions on steep slopes to save the planet from disaster. However, in 2015, on the eve of the Paris climate talks, the Marshall Islands gave new impetus by tabling a resolution calling on IMO to adopt a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with keeping warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. This received support and IMO adopted a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which stated that an “initial strategy” should be adopted in April 2018, with a revised strategy adopted in 2023. ______Background on IMO`s contribution to global efforts to combat climate change in global efforts to combat climate change, IMO`s strategic plan plays a leading role. A proposal by major maritime nations to reduce the industry`s carbon footprint falls short of the International Maritime Organization`s (IMO) climate targets and the Paris Agreement`s climate targets, maritime experts warn. October 19: Protests outside the IMO organized Monday by the oceanic rebellion in response to IMO … [+] Weak attitudes towards climate and response to oil spills such as the Wakashio in Mauritius are also discussed reductions, in line with the emission reduction efforts currently expressed in countries` national climate promises. However, these commitments fall short of the objectives of the Paris Agreement and rely on a ratchet mechanism to strengthen ambitions over time. Several NGOs believe that a ratchet mechanism is a problem for the marine industry because of the long lifespan of the vessels.

The UN agency responsible for setting climate targets for global shipping was put in red today when delegates adopted measures that broke the Paris agreement on climate change. California`s standard low carbon fuel has had a significant impact on the acceleration of the zero-emission motor vehicle and HGV markets. Our proposal would have done the same: create immediate benefits for climate and public health, and catalyze investments in the design, technologies and fuels of emission-free ships.¬†Although the agreement is described as a “first” strategy, it could therefore set the limits and tone of maritime transport`s climate ambitions for decades to come. A climate expedition agreement has been in the making for a long time. IMO first adopted a resolution on greenhouse gas emissions in 1997, the same year the Kyoto Protocol was adopted.

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