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Piling Contract Agreement

It`s 26. Wages and other chargeables ITEMS RELATING TO DRIVERS AND OPERATORS OF PLANT All invoiceable property is paid by the tenant at the rates set out in the contract, unless any subsequent increases before and/or during the rental period resulting from bonuses arising from wage agreements and/or increases in the owner`s legal contribution are charged by the landlord in the form of surcharges to the owner`s expenses and paid for by the tenant. 13. HIRER`S RESPONSIBILITY F-R LOSS UND DAMAGE (a) In order to avoid any doubt, it is stated and agreed that nothing in this clause will affect the application of clauses 4, 5, 8 and 9 of these conditions. (b) for the duration of the rental period (which, to avoid doubts, includes the period during which the plant remains on site during a holiday period), the tenant, subject to the provisions of paragraph (a) of the landlord, any loss or damage caused to the installation for each cause; which can cause the same cause, with the exception of fair wear, and except as provided in point 9 above, and also exposes the owner and staff provided by the owner with respect to any claims of a person or property of any person or property that are caused or created by or in connection with or with storage, through transit, transportation, transportation, unloading, loading or use of the facility during the continuation of the rental period, entirely and fully. and in this context, whether by law or by common law. In the event of a loss or deterioration of the facility, the rental costs are kept empty, in accordance with point 25, until the transaction agreement. Payment of compensation must be made within 21 calendar days from the date of the agreement or the empty due fee may be reintroduced from the date of this agreement. If the idling fee is reintroduced, the agreed amount remains payable in full. (c) Notwithstanding the above, the tenant is not responsible for damage, loss or injury: (i) before the delivery of a facility to the site (or, if the site is not directly adjacent to a highway that is passable at a public expense before leaving this highway), if the facility is arranged with the owner`s transport or otherwise by the owner; (ii) during the construction and/or dismantling of a facility in which a facility must be fully constructed/dismantled, provided that this construction/disassembly is placed under the exclusive control of the owner or its representative, iii) after the installation is removed from the site and is located on a highway that is at a public expense (or if the land is not directly accessible to a highway that can be operated at public costs) after connecting such a highway) to the owner by transporting the owner or, otherwise, by the owner, iv) when the installation starts from land on a highway to be expected at a public expense (or if the land is not directly adjacent to a highway accessible at public expense , before leaving or after joining such a highway, by a driver provided by the owner).

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