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Viatical Agreement

After confirmation, the viatic settlement broker or The Company offers you a number for your policy. Once you accept the offer, sign and send the final and written agreement of the viatic transaction contract. In August 2008, Stephen L. Keller, former CEO of Kelco Inc., filed an application with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky to dismiss Keller`s convictions for conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. Keller`s convictions stemmed from Kelco`s purchase and sale of life insurance, which in some cases had been falsified by third-party insurance agents for policyholders with HIV/AIDS claims, and then in a viatic settlement. [5] Keller`s application was denied on November 12, 2010. His appeal against this refusal was also dismissed on 28 February 2011. [10] Viatical Settlement Broker: A person or company that offers or attempts viatic billing between a Viator and a viatic billing provider. For example, a person with a $100,000 policy could receive an interim settlement of up to $70,000 of this policy (billing amounts vary depending on the age, level and amount of instructions). The purchaser of a viatic settlement pays the seller a lump sum payment in cash and pays all future premiums that remain in life insurance.

The buyer becomes the sole beneficiary and cashes the entire policy if the original owner dies. One of Viaticals` most famous cases involved mutual Benefits Corporation, led by Peter Lombardi in Florida, which had 28,000 investors and focused on paying HIV clients. In 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission closed the company by stating that it participated in a $1 billion Ponzi program. Lombardi is now serving a 20-year prison sentence. [9] Settlement-delivery companies such as the American Life Fund can reach an agreement within a few days, so you can use your viatic payment according to the Charter of Love as you wish whenever you want. We can guide you through this quick and easy process. On the other hand, in the case of a viatic settlement transaction, you no longer have to pay your monthly life insurance premiums, so this option not only receives the plan, but also reduces a person`s monthly bills. There are two different types of villages of life: villages for the elderly and villages for the elderly.

Each billing company considers several factors, including the nature of the illness, the stage of the illness, the face value of the policy, insurance premiums and other relevant information. They use these factors to calculate the amount offered to the patient in a viatic billing contract. Although more policy comparisons have been in place for some time, many life insurers are not aware of the financial benefits that viatic billing can offer to a single policyholder or relative. Viatic comparison transactions became popular in the 1980s as more people with life-threatening illnesses were subject to life insurance and needed the revenue to fund medical care. The result was the secondary market that we now know as the viatic housing industry, which allows seniors and people with life-threatening illnesses to sell their insurance in notes in order to immediately access the funds. Viators can avoid fees charged by a viatic billing broker if they collaborate directly with viatic billing companies. Just as a licensed life insurance producer may work for one or more insurance providers to negotiate policies and sell them to the poorest, viatic colony brokers may work for one or more viatic billing providers to negotiate viatic billing contracts. For someone who is terminally ill, viatic billing allows them to get instant money that they can use to pay for their care and comfort in their last days.

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