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Yacht Closer Purchase And Sale Agreement

GM Yacht Consultants are experienced professionals in the marine industry who strive every day to offer a highly personalized service. Our luxury yacht brokers in Florida speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese and together have more than 50 years of experience. YachtCloser Registration (YCR) specializes in providing Coast Guard documentation, government titles and foreign registration services for boat and yacht buyers. More than $8 billion in active boat and yacht contracts are currently housed at YachtCloser and more than $60 million worth of naval transactions take place each month with our software. In many cases, the title itself serves as a sales bulletin used to transfer ownership of the vessel from one party to another. YachtCloser offers its customers an unlimited amount of document memory. Whether you sold this boat one, two or five years ago, you can immediately print documents in PDF format, send them or check them by email. If your client calls a year later to tell them that they need a copy of an agreement with YachtCloser, pass the requested information on to your customer at the touch of a button. “If I live in Scottsdale, there aren`t many yachts that are in possession before, so I put my research on the Internet. I found The Navy and they had a yacht for sale that met all my parameters. When I called, David Galante answered and was very informative. His complete knowledge of yachts became visible throughout the process. He was professional, courteous and quick, he answered all my questions and negotiated an excellent price.

It was so priceless to buy my azimut. I would recommend it to anyone who is embarking on a European motor yacht purchase. At G Marine Yacht Sales, our brokerage team specializes in new used European motor yachts. Whether you`re buying a yacht or selling your current boat, our committed agents will guide you perfectly through the sale process. YachtCloser is a private company led by founder and CEO Brad Parker, who founded the company in 2010 because of the need to serve customers faster and easier. Today YachtCloser is considered the main closure and contracting company of the boating industry and offers contract management solutions at the federal level for buyers, sellers and brokers. “Over the last 20 years, I have bought 10 boats from different dealers. But it was only at G Marine in Fort Lauderdale that yacht brokers made me feel like part of the family.

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