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How Do You Say Advance Pricing Agreement In Spanish

Recently, bilateral APAs have become the preferred route for companies seeking to secure their transfer pricing policies. There are several reasons for this, and we look at a few here. [1] [2] [3] [4] Also Reputation benefits can be significant benefits in terms of reputation. Beyond future transfer pricing benefits, participation in a government`s bilateral ABS program can help facilitate access to POPs in the event of challenges from previous years and also has the advantage of familiarizing the competent authority with transactions in the event of other tax treaty matters. In addition, the potential role of bilateral PDOs in managing the interface between rights assessment and transfer pricing can further increase the attractiveness of companies involved in trade in physical goods. [4] The amendments introduced by the draft law recently adopted by the Greek Parliament respond to current transfer pricing needs and challenges, as the overall PA environment in Greece is strengthened and taxpayers benefit from an instrument offering even greater stability and security for their intra-company transactions. The new L.4714/2020 introduces for the first time in Greece the possibility of retroactivity of bilateral or multilateral agreements on advance prices (ASA) under certain conditions. These agreements allow taxable persons to avoid future transfer pricing disputes with the Spanish tax authorities and become an effective alternative to the traditional tax audit process. As a result of BEPS and related developments, transfer pricing and related issues, such as permanent establishments, are in the crosshairs of most tax authorities (and the media).

Multinationals are facing increased transparency (e.g. B the sharing of tax rulings in the European Union) and disclosure (e.g.B Country by Country Reporting and the new documentation requirements of the OECD master file / Local File Transfer Pricing). Taxpayers can also request the Spanish tax authorities to submit the proposal to the tax authorities of other countries where tax companies are established, in order to conclude an agreement between the different tax services and therefore to carry out an identical assessment for all tax parties – related. . . .

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