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Single Song Agreement Music Publishing Contracts

DISCLAIMER: All recommendations and information provided on this website are used by you at your own risk. Model agreements (whether identified as “model”, “standard” or otherwise) are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used. This clause is important and should be read carefully, as the songwriter agrees to keep the publisher harmless for any violation of the songwriter`s agreement. This clause also contains provisions according to which the songwriter terminates the contract in the event of liquidation of the publisher and that, in this case, the compositions return to the songwriter. The first time I started my commercial songwriting journey, I wanted someone – everyone – to love my songs. One day, I got a call saying that a publisher was interested in one of my songs. Not just an “A” publishing house. It was actually a very well-known publishing house. Not one of the big majors, but almost everyone would know the name of the publisher if I took him out. This mechanical license is used when an artist or record company wishes to record, on behalf of its recording artist, a song written by another person (the cover song) that will be recorded on the recording artist`s disc for distribution and sale to the public. Single Song Assignment – Also called specific chord.

Here, the publishing house only publishes individual songs, and the songwriter is not exclusively under contract with them. You can make as many unique song chords as they want. The agreement is also concluded for a specified period. When they sign with a publishing house in the UK, they collaborate with the British company PRS (similar organisations exist in other countries under other names). The PRS is an organization that represents songwriters and publishers and, on its behalf, charges royalties when their music is played publicly. This can be if the song is played live, on TV, radio or in public places like retail…

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