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Support Agreement Id

“Step 2: Tell us what type of support you need” is where you select an active support contract you previously added, or add “Do you need to purchase or expand other support plans?” to add a contract or click Buy Now to acquire a Support Per Incident (PPI*). “Do you want to see support plans not available?” is where you can see error messages for related support plans, for example. B support plan has expired, the support plan has no units available, the support plan cannot be used for support on the specified products. If you add the same support contract more than once, the error message “The contract is already registered” will be displayed and you should check for error messages. On the “Manage support requests” page, click the “+ Create a new support request” button to start the workflow. You can also go to to find out if your device is covered. Sign in to your Apple ID and select your device. Learn what to do if the information is false or if your AppleCare plan doesn`t show up. If you create a support request for a colleague and add them as the primary contact, you must add your account as an additional contact before you can track the status.

Are you a Microsoft partner and need help from Microsoft support? Get support from its own Microsoft experts. You can help with issues with partner programs, pre-sales help, issues with Microsoft products, billing questions, and more. Start here to view your Microsoft support options. Support Services – What are the standards that support services must meet? Do they have to be provided in accordance with an SLA? If so, what are the relevant service levels? Does the service provider have the right to suspend services in the event of late payment? If you need to purchase a support incident for an older product version. Use an MSA registration (not AAD) and credit card to purchase Pay Per Incident (PPI) – see 4490370 Can I find out what format of the legal agreement a web developer needs to enter into the agreement with the customer? Only the primary contact on the support request receives an email with the requirement ID and summary details. To submit an online request for an on-premises product, sign in to Support for Business using a Microsoft account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD), complete your unique profile, and click the Manage Support Requests page on +Create a new support request. Business portal support allows you to create or manage professional assistance requests (if you are the primary contact or an additional point of contact for the assistance request). . . .

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