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What Do You Do If You Have No Custody Agreement

Hello, I am from Jamaica and I am facing a problem with my daughter father. I am a single mother of three children at the time when I did not work and I had a newborn and a brake with the father of my sons, so I decree to my daughter stays with their father a grandmother, now they play ungrateful they do not want me to see my daughter and also not stay with me and even my other children in quarrel I am fed up and tired Now I have a place for myself and would like my daughter to be visited and I cannot have a chance with her, please help me to get parents who also have an obligation to provide their child with adequate support. If the parents are separated or divorced, this usually takes the form of support from the parent who does not have custody. We had agreed that our children should live with him (father) for a year. The documents were prepared and certified by a lawyer. That was 3 years ago and he won`t let her come to my house as agreed. He also moved them from Louisiana to Georgia. He moved in with his aunt and then argued with her. My children now live with her and he stays elsewhere because she has an injunction. Can I recover them without court or do I have to apply for custody? If possible, I would like to have a lawyer for my children. They are 14, 13 and 10 years old. He changed his number, the phone of my older children is the only way to contact them.

It tries to limit my contacts. I live in North Carolina, what can I do to bring my kids home My grandparents have custody of my son in Louisville ky I live in Evansville and they don`t let him visit in the summer, he`s 13 and really wants what I can do I have no problem with the law or anything, which is clean as an arrow, but they keep saying no It`s usually better if the parents can get along in detention. An agreement may provide for several different agreements on where the children will live. Here are two examples. You should have a lawyer to help you apply for this court order. A lawyer can: The other day we talked a little bit about the vocabulary of custody. If you`re wondering how custody and visits are typically handled and what things like “joint custody” and “legal custody” mean, you should definitely check out (because it`s definitely going to become important). We also recently talked about how to arrange childcare and visits for children of different ages. For more information, click on the age of your child and you will get much more information about the types of care and visits that are suitable for children of different ages: newborns, school-age children and teenagers. .

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