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Youth Agreement Form

If you are a child or teen and want to talk to someone, call the Child Helpline at 310-1234. To apply for a contract, you must be between the ages of 19 and 26 and have taken one of the following care steps on your 19th birthday: Call 250-387-7027 or 1-877-387-7027 for contact information for your local MCFD office. Contact information for the John Howard Society of North Island The “pause” for AYA time ends on September 30, 2020 and the age limit (27 years) is back in effect. This means that from September 30, 2020, your AYA will count for your total of 48 months and teens can only be on an AYA until their 27th birthday. 1. Fill out the application form. 2. Leave it in an MCFD office. The Young Adult Agreements (AYA) program applies only to the continuing detention order (Youth Agreement).

It offers you financial support to complete high school, go to college or university, take a rehabilitation program or follow a life skills program. 1. Fill out the application form. (If you have problems opening the form, please send an email to with the subject of the AYA form and we will send it to you in file format)) 2. Leave it in an MCFD office. A youth agreement is a legal agreement between you and the Department of Child and Family Development (MCFD) in case of extreme need. A thorough assessment of your situation will be carried out by your local MCFD office and, if necessary, we will work with your family to meet your needs. When talking to an employee, the duration of your agreement will be determined based on your needs and the program you are participating in.

You can have more than one contract for a total of 48 months (4 years) of support. 1. You had one of the following care statuses on your 19th birthday: 3. And over 19 and under 27. If you have any questions about your situation and to see if you can be considered for a youth agreement, please contact our Centralized Provincial Testing Office at 1-800-663-9122 or 604-660-4927 (Lower Mainland and outside British Columbia). You don`t need an area code. You can call at any time of the day or night and do not need to provide your name. The AYA program offers up to a maximum of $1,250 per month to cover the cost of living while you go to school or complete vocational training, or participate in rehabilitation, mental health or life skills programs. If you`re between the 14th and 24s of age, meet other people who know what it`s like to be taken care of.

When you leave care, you will receive a letter indicating your care status (many scholarships require you to prove that you have been taken care of). If you have already left care, call your last social worker`s office and ask for the letter. You may need to go to an office and show your ID to get it. Contact someone who can help if your needs are not met or if you do not agree with decisions about your care. . Department of Child and Family Development (MCFD): Starting October 1, 2020, young adults will have more flexibility to access mental health supports, including cultural healing and wellness, through the AYA rehabilitation program. Insider tip. Depending on what you need to live alone, you can get help with: This cost of living includes things like food and shelter for you and your children, if you have any. . *NEW* All emergency measures have been extended until September 30, 2021. 3. Wait for the AYA social worker in your area to contact you.

This can take about a month. . View recent changes to agreements with young adults Click on this link to view a list of available life skills programs. Contact your local MCFD/DAA office to access the AYA under these new guidelines. You can also contact the Commissioner for Children and Adolescents at or by phone at 1-800-476-3933. The Representatives Office can help you make the right connections within your local MCFD or DAA office. OR a combination of the two equals 10 hours per week. .

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