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Our Values

Providing ethical design solutions since 1999

The Company

Arc Visual Communications Ltd was established in November 1999.

The aim of Arc Visual Communications is to provide high quality, creative solutions that reflect the requirements of todays’ marketplace, for effective communication media.

Our approach involves the strategic examination of our client’s needs and their marketplace and developing a relationship which ensures the best solutions are implemented.

Environmental issues are also key to any design activity undertaken. This is implemented in consultation with the client to achieve a strategy that communicates effectively the philosophy of the organisation.

Environmental Statement

It is Arc Visual Communications Ltd’s policy to operate its business as a corporate citizen committed to sound environmental management and with concern for the well-being of our common environment. Our goal is to ensure that company facilities and operations promote environmental standards. We believe that an appropriate balance can and should be achieved between environmental goals and economic health.

This requires Arc Visual Communications to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving the following goals:

• Operate our business in an environmentally sound manner.

• Recycle all materials and waste where possible.

• Promote environmental issues as a benefit of good business practice to our clients.

• Continue to reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

• Secure environmentally responsible materials in the procurement of subcontractors.

• Promote social responsibility and good citizenship as good business practice.

It is the aim of Arc Visual Communications Ltd to develop and operate its business, based upon principles that are sensitive to environmental issues that require the change necessary to secure the sustainability of our environment, planet and life.

Arc Visual Communications Ltd is registered as a supplier with Green Business Fife.

Our Work

Arc Services a wide range of Clients and Institutions

  • Maggies Centre Dundee

    Maggies Centre Dundee

  • North Sea Screen Partnership

    North Sea Screen Partnership

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  • Tayscreen Scotland

    Tayscreen Scotland

    Branding Print Web
  • Six Cities Design Festival

    Six Cities Design Festival

  • Stories in Science: Postdoctoral Pathways

    Stories in Science: Postdoctoral Pathways

    Print Web
  • James Hutton Institute

    James Hutton Institute

  • Angling Development Board of Scotland

    Angling Development Board of Scotland

    Branding Print
  • Dare to Be Digital

    Dare to Be Digital

    Branding Print Web
  • Halcon


  • ISAM Dundee 2015

    ISAM Dundee 2015

    Branding Print
  • Environ


  • The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group

    The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group

    Branding Print
  • Stride


    Branding Print Web
  • Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau

    Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau

    Branding Print Web
  • Dundee Dental School

    Dundee Dental School

    Branding Print Web
  • Natural Reflections: Women in Science Exhibition

    Natural Reflections: Women in Science Exhibition


Our Services

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is at the core of any business activity and promotes the ethos of the organisation. Arc Visual Communications will work with you to develop your corporate identity, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Brand development

Arc Visual Communications has the ability to develop your brand and will work with you to produce a corpora image that is engaging and effective, whilst embracing environmental relationships.

Exhibitions & Environmental Interpretation Panels

Providing strategic information to a public audience can be challenging. Arc Visual Communications will conduct research to ensure the information is appropriate and will develop design solutions that inform audiences, where human need meets requires professional and ethical communication solutions.

Website development

It is important your corporate image is promoted with consistency across digital platforms as well as printed material. Arc will develop digital solutions that enhance the brand and connects your organisation to the people you want to talk to.

Design strategy development & research

Developing a design strategy is crucial in establishing the needs of your organisation, whilst understanding the effective ways in which you can communicate with external and internal audiences. Arc will work with you to conduct research into your organisation’s activity, to develop a design strategy that achieves economic growth and environmental objectives.


Arc Visual Communications can work with you to develop appropriate copy for communication platforms, both digital and print.

Design Training

Jackie Malcolm has 15 years experience working within Higher Education and can tailor training courses that will promote values for design that embrace Biomimetic and Biophilic tools for design. The core values of ARC are routed in an ethical and environmentally friendly philosophy or design intention.

Annual Reports & Print Publications

Arc Visual Communications has extensive experience producing intelligent and professional publications that can work in print as well as online. We can work with research data and financial information to produce strategic, informative print and digital communication items.


Arc Visual Communications complements its below the line activity with strategic advertising that enhances the brand and identity of any organisation.


Arc Visual Communications is experienced in conducting social science research and can provide a consultancy service whereby we will develop a strategy and methodology for research.

Teaching & Education

Jackie Malcolm: Lecturer DJCAD University of Dundee

As a practicing professional Graphic Designer I contribute to the University of Dundee and its students a professional knowledge of design at the interface between business and the creative industries.

My role has been unique due to the cross disciplinary element of my teaching, having been involved with Graphic Design, Illustration, Design Studies (Product Design & Interactive Media Design), Dissertation supervision, Design & the Market Mentoring, Postgraduate Futures Placement Module and the development of a new module, Design Values, Issues & Ethics.

As a result I bring an understanding of design practice, which questions current contemporary issues affecting the design practitioner, such as environmental and ethical issues. These issues cross both business and education platforms and are cultural objectives for the future of design, the economic wealth of our country, the health of our planet and the future of higher education through the development of our curricula. This has resulted in me introducing innovative and appropriate working practices into the programs I have been involved in.




The International Society of Addiction Medicine(ISAM) will hold their annual conference in Dundee, Scotland, in October 2015. DJCAD was invited to facilitate an art exhibition of work that brings the local community and the scientific conference together.This will enhance the scientific programme of the conference and inspire new dialogue through this partnership.

Through art and design, DJCAD has supported a series of projects that observe and examine the issue of substance misuse. Through projects that promote an awareness of substance misuse to various target audiences, we have developed relationships with local communities and organisations, where art and design has used narratives to inform visual outputs. The visual outputs address the Stigma associated with substance misuse and endeavour to promote meaningful messages that can begin to change society’s perception of individuals living with the problem. DJCAD have also been working with Education Scotland to develop a set of ‘toolkits’ aimed at either schoolchildren or students, helping them to understand some of the issues surrounding substance use and misuse.

For over 8 years many of the projects I have delivered to students have had an environmental aspect to them, which has culminated in the development of the Design Values, Issues & Ethics module. It promotes design at a natural systems level, incorporating theory and practice through group and individual work. The module is delivered within the University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden allowing us to use the gardens as an educational playground.
Students were asked to design an aspect of a community eg Housing, Water, Communication, Food, Education, Health, Transportation. Using Biomimicry and Biophilia as tools for design students researched organisms, observing the natural systems and combined them to produce a design solution related to their particular topic. What made this difficult was the fact that they did not have a traditional outcome to produce. Coming from disciplines such as Fine Art, Graphic Design, Textiles, Jewellery, Product Design, Interior Design and Digital Interaction, this brief challenged their understanding of the traditional design brief.


A Communication Design level 2 interdisciplinary student project ‘The Living Field’ asked students to submit a recipe page towards the production of a Student Cookbook, aimed at students beginning life at University away from home. A recipe was donated by actor Brian Cox and the resulting Creative Cookbooks were sold for £5 with all proceeds being donated to Signpost International, a local charity working with underprivileged communities in Africa and Asia, helping them to produce their own food, ensuring the sustainability of their families and surrounding communities.

This project allowed students to realise the impact their design can have on a global platform, despite it targeting a local audience.


For the last 15 years I have provided tutorial support through personal and set projects within the Graphic Design department of DJCAD.

As a professional graphic designer projects are delivered to enhance the student’s learning experience and I introduced an exhibition as part of the curriculum to level 2 students. It involved them producing 3 dimensional typographic installations.


Our Clients are our Partners

  • ‘During the time that we have worked with Arc Visual Communications we have found them to be full of inspiration and enthusiasm, bringing plenty of new ideas and solutions to the table. When presented with a new opportunity to work on a project they have taken the time to understand our business which comes across from the time they submit a proposal, right through to delivery of the project. They have the best interest of their client in mind in all that they do, working in partnership with you to ensure that what they deliver is a success for their client. Arc Visual Communications have a unique approach to working with clients which is very refreshing and I would not hesitate in recommending them to others looking to use their services.’ With kind regards, Karen Tocher - Karen Tocher

  • Starkevents cannot recommend Arc Design enough, their work has been excellent and Jackie’s attention to detail and client liaison skills are outstanding. We look forward to working with Arc Design again in the very near future. Ann Stark Owner, Starkevents - Anne Stark


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